DAO Sabaki Camp 2022

Sabaki Camp 2022

It is with great honour and pleasure for DAO (Danish Ashihara Organisation) that we invite you to the official Sabaki Camp 2022 held in Bosei, Denmark.
The Sabaki Camp is for all members of NIKO and special guests.
It is a special honour to be able to welcome Kancho Hidenori Ashihara, who will attend this year’s camp.

Last sabaki camp

Date and place

When:Thursday, 7th of July - Sunday, July 10th, 2022
Where:Sports academy Bosei - a Japanese sports academy, focusing on martial arts, Evensølundvej 5, 4720 Præstø

Arrival and Departure

Arrival:Thursday, 7th of July between 14 and 15.30 (first training starts at 16.00)
Departure:Sunday, July 10th (when the program is terminated)


Sabaki Camp 2022:206 EURO
T-shirt:21 EURO
NOTE If Kancho is unable to attend, the camp will be conducted anyway.
Should the Danish Ashihara Organization decide to cancel the camp, the participants fee will be refunded.
Visa costs, travel expenses etc will not be refunded.

Registration and payment

The registration and payment can be done between 15th of February to 31th of May 2022

First of all, start by sending an email to Brian Hansen Sensei with the following information:

  • Dojo-name
  • Country
  • Number of people participating
  • First name, family name, sex (M/F) and age of people participating
  • Size of t-shirt if ordering
After this registration, Brian Hansen Sensei, will confirm your registration and send you further information about payment

Grading Test

The following rules are applicable, if you want to be tested for black belt at the NIKO SABAKI camp held in Denmark.
6 months before the actual test, you must send a DVD or upload a video to a homepage that you control consisting of the following parts.
  • Basic Kihon program
  • Ido Kihon. Consisting of different kicks and punches.
  • Kata (see the following list; please ask Kancho or Shihan Kim if you are in doubt about which kata you have to perform on the video)
  • 2 or 3 defense Sabaki against attackers
  • 2 or 3 fights with different attackers.
If you are not cleared you will be asked to send another video 3 months before the actual test were your performing must have approved.
If you are cleared by Kancho or Shihan you can take the test in Denmark. If not do this then you have to wait until the next test is announced. The process then starts all over again.

Kata for the grading test

Actual grade Kata
3 Kyu Kumite 3
Jissen 1
2 Kyu Nage 4
Kumite 4
Jissen 1
1 Kyu Nage 4
Kumite 4
Jissen 1
1 Dan Nage 4 (should be closely checked)
Kumite 5
Jissen 2
From 2 Dan and higher grades Nage 4
Kumite 5
Jissen 2

Grading fees

Brown and black belt grading test fee : 70 EURO per member. Test fee should be paid cash at the summer camp before the grading test.
The test fee is apart from belt fee, which you have to send in case you pass the grading test.

Further information

About Sabaki Camp information:Mail: Brian Hansen Sensei
Help regarding Visa: Mail: Mads Jensen Sensei
Help regarding T-Shirt: Mail: Mads Jensen Sensei